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Optimize Performance

Optimization Requires Open Reflection

In order to identify where improvements are needed at the individual level, individuals must first self-reflect and identify (with honesty) where they need to improve. 

Once the benchmarks for improvement are identified, training curricula can start to be tailored to focus on specific needs of the individual. 


Common Training Pitfalls

The most common shortcomings occur when: 

  • We make excuses and come up with a reason why we cannot succeed rather than recognizing self-improvements that should be made

  • We fail to share with our trainers/instructors that what they teach is not making sense, instead leading them to believe that they are teaching effectively 

  • We create a negative self-image, such as "I am awful at this" or "This is way beyond my ability" rather than focusing on a positive path to success, such as "I am learning a little bit each day" or "I am growing from where I started"

  • We focus on failure as a measure of confidence rather than competence. It is critical to have the willpower to improve and try again!

  • We put our attention toward distractions rather than focusing on the task at-hand and what actually needs to be accomplished (e.g., "My feet hurt; I've been walking all day" versus "We only have one more mile to go. We can do this in 20 minutes if we just keep moving."

  • We don't set realistic and measurable goals, instead setting goals which are ambiguous and irrelative to what it is that we are actually trying to accomplish (e.g., "I am going to be a better runner" versus "I am going to improve my run test time by 15 seconds by running non-stop everyday for at least 10 minutes")

  • We don't share what worked for us previously. We keep this information to ourselves, and there is no historical record or training tool to reference for next time. 

  • We fail to review the material and standards beforehand. We show up expecting everything to just work out. (e.g., "We'll figure it out as we go")



By conducting this self-assessment (below), you can determine your personal performance readiness, including where you might need to "get back on track:"


Overall, I feel that I am in ________________ mode.


On a scale of 1-5, I would rate my physical resilience at a ___.

1 — Physical incapable; stuck
2 — Struggling to meet program expectations; need help setting personal goals
3 — Personal goals are set but need help achieving them
4 — Meeting goals; maintaining level performance
5 — Exceeding personal goals; striving for constant improvement


On a scale of 1-5, I would rate my emotional resilience at a ___.

1 — Incapable of recovering from emotions or stress; lost
2 — Struggling to "dig myself out"
3 — Will get "back on track;" just need some time
4 — Moving forward; "getting there"
5 — Not looking back

On a scale of 1-5, I would rate my social resilience at a ___.

1 — Nobody to lean on; relationships are destroyed
2 — Need help finding a better relationship circle
3 — Interpersonal relationships could use work; a few close individuals
4 — People to lean on, but they might be struggling themselves
5 — A very close circle; all lean on one another

On a scale of 1-5, I would rate my ethical resilience at a ___.

1 — Decisions made have already cost too much; damage is unrecoverable
2 — Poor decisions were made; it will take a lot to recover
3 — Don't always make the best decisions
4 — Try to make good decisions, but others around make poor decisions sometimes
5 — Surrounded by people who support my decisions, and I like what I see of myself

On a scale of 1-5, I would rate my team-oriented resilience at a ___.

1 — Entirely alone without any help
2 — Part of a team with no direction or guidance; nobody wants to step up and take charge
3 — The team struggles to choose a leader; everyone think they're right
4 — I think my ideas are better, but we're moving in an "okay" direction
5 — I'm on track, and I'm bringing my team with me


Be sure to share your results when requesting training support. We can use this information to tailor training to your individual needs! 

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