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Joining as a Cadet Member


Membership in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program requires the following prerequisites: 

  • At least twelve (12) years of age, but not yet nineteen (19) years of age

  • Currently enrolled in, or graduated from, a private, public, home school, or college program with a satisfactory record of academic achievement

  • Not a member of the active duty Armed Forces*

  • U.S. citizenship or lawful alien with permanent residency in the United States or its territories**

*National Guard and Reserve personnel are not considered active duty Armed Forces unless they are serving on extended active duty. CAP does not consider Basic Military Training for Guard and Reserve personnel as extended active duty. 

**Persons in "admitted for permanent residence" status must possess and present a current Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-151 or I-551) when applying for cadet membership. 


Trial Visitation Period

Prospective cadet members (recruits) must visit at least three "traditional" unit meetings before being permitted to submit an application for membership. This visitation period is intended to expose and familiarize member applicants with an example of weekly cadet life through a variety of activities that one may participate in as a cadet member throughout each month. 

Visitations must occur within a 30-day period. 

During trial visitations, prospective cadets may only participate in activities which are not physical rigorous or otherwise potentially dangerous (i.e., activities which require cadets to provide parental permission forms). Prospective members may not participate in overnight activities, fly in CAP aircraft, or ride in CAP vehicles. 

Please contact us to schedule a visit. 


Application Process

Cadet applications are submitted electronically and require a credit card entry to pay the cost of an initial fee of $40 to join. This fee will be charged annually for membership renewal on the anniversary of membership approval in our system. 

Parents/legal guardians must provide proof of identification and residency for cadet applicants. A list of acceptable documents to be presented may be found on Attachment 2 of CAP Regulation 39-2 Civil Air Patrol Membership

Upon membership approval, new members will receive an email notification with a welcome letter as a new CAP cadet with additional information to access the eServices member portal. 


Onboarding and Basic Cadet Training

New cadets will be placed into our Basic Cadet Training program to provide an initial familiarity with CAP customs, courtesies, and basic cadet fundamentals to facilitate early advancement and progression. Cadets will be put in contact with their fellow cadet leadership to assist them as a new CAP member. 

Cadets will receive an Ohio Wing email throughout our Google Mail (Gmail) provider with instructions for first-time email access. This email account will serve as the cadet's primary point of contact for all future CAP activities (personal emails will not be used once the cadet's Gmail is set up). 

The unit will assist in providing new cadets with their initial Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). Upon their first promotion (approximately 8 weeks after joining CAP), cadets will receive a $100 voucher to purchase additional uniform items for service-dress uniforms. 


Additional Information

Parents and cadets are encouraged to review the following materials to more information about the CAP Cadet Program prior to joining: 

Frequently Asked Questions for Cadet Recruits

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

New Cadet Guide

Parent's Guide to the CAP Cadet Program


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