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Recruiter Ribbon


The Recruiter Ribbon is presented for recruiting new members into Civil Air Patrol.

There are two categories of this ribbon: the Cadet Recruiter Ribbon and Senior Recruiter Ribbon



All senior members and cadets are eligible to receive the respective Recruiter Ribbon for their membership category. 

Cadets may only wear the Cadet Recruiter Ribbon. Senior members may only wear the Senior Recruiter Ribbon



The Recruiter Ribbon is awarded for successfully recruiting new members into CAP. The recruiter must submit an application which is approved by the unit commander. The applicant is considered a member once their membership appears on the unit's electronic member roster. 


Cadet Recruiter Ribbon:  Awarded to cadets who recruit at least two (2) new members. 


Senior Recruiter Ribbon:  Awarded to senior members who recruit at least seven (7) new members.


Wear of the Award on the Cadet Uniform

The Cadet Recruiter Ribbon may be worn on the Cadet Service (Class B "Blues"), Service Dress (Class A "Blues") and Semiformal uniforms. 

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