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Customize Training

Targeted Training

The R2 program offers customizable training to allow personnel to request targeted training in order to improve: 

  • Individual-based needs in order to accomplish personal goals

  • Unit-level objectives in order to meet strategic performance expectations


A Program Built on Variety

The benefit of the R2 program is that options are endless. By expanding the input of training programs to the direct recipients of that training (each individual), the training footprint is no longer limited to a theoretical approach to learning—that is, training is designed around the needs of the individual as opposed to repetitive coursework which fails to satisfy each person's learning style and personal progression. 

The R2 program intends to cooperatively develop a training curriculum which is adjustable to the path each individual wishes to take in Civil Air Patrol and aims to place a person into available activity opportunities which will help them to accomplish that path. 


A Program Reliant on Feedback

In order to be successful, the R2 program must provide the opportunity for every person to share their feedback about the unit's training programs. This means that every unit member has the ability to: 

  • Express concerns about leadership shortcomings

  • Identify weaknesses in accomplishing training objectives

  • Promote the need for training improvements

  • Serve as a representative voice for others seeking support


A Program Which Pays Attention

By providing feedback from throughout the ranks, senior leaders are able to receive direct opinions and remarks from all levels, not just those at the "staff table." 

R2 not only provides individuals with a voice, but the program also provides leaders with input from all levels of experience, skills, and perspectives. This creates an environment in which leaders can work to design training programs which are intended to address actual performance deficiencies rather than perceived deficiencies (from test scoring or staff-only input). 


Request Training

Do you feel the need to improve the training program? Do you wish to receive one-on-one mentoring in a particular subject area?

Use the R2 Training Request Form to contact the staff team and request additional training. 

*Submissions remain confidential and will be shared on a need-to-know basis to aid in supporting your training preferences. 

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