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Build Cohesion

Top-Down Approach

By employing top-down logic, we strive to build a corps of leaders "at the top" who can—using refined skills and strategic training approaches—push education downward in order to design and maintain a training program that meets the needs of the greater organization. 

This approach requires leaders to pursue CAP-developed training courses which can help to provide a standardized training model which maintains consistency within the force. That consistency will, ultimately, reduce confusion and keep all of the players on the same page in how to effectively manage CAP's sub-programs. 


Bottom-Up Approach

By empowering individuals throughout the rank structure, we can ensure that the entire corps receives equal attention and that everyone's needs are met. This allows us to develop team-focused activities and training courses which can be adapted to the needs of the unit rather than employing high-level curricula which might not meet the needs of the lower echelon. 

The squadron's Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program can be positively employed to help advance the goal of expanding unit camaraderie and fostering an environment that makes leaders more approachable. 


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