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Ready and Resilient (R2)

Enhancing learning through a culture of trust, and preparing the Force through directed cohesion 



The Ready and Resilient (R2) program aims to improve individual development by building a corps of leaders who are competent and capable in providing adequate mentoring of subordinates and peers, and through the establishing of unit cohesion and camaraderie to foster a culture of trust and unified Core Values. 

The R2 program strives to: 

  • Enhance resilience through training leaders to effectively overcome challenges faced during real-world operations

  • Optimize individual performance by establishing consistency and standardization in the training program

  • Build unit cohesion by applying the Core Values to everyday life and fostering a culture a trust in the mentoring program

  • Customizing training by soliciting feedback from within the corps and tailoring training schedules to meet the needs of individuals ready to learn and determined for success


Need support? Let us help! 

Submit your feedback using the R2 Training Request Form so that we can provide: 

  • Individualized training to work with you on a more personal level to help you reach your goals

  • Cohesive training at the unit level so we can improve standardization and train everyone to the same level of competency 


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