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Meritorious Service Award


Meritorious Service Awards are presented for outstanding achievement or meritorious service rendered specifically on behalf of Civil Air Patrol. 



All members, including cadets, are eligible to receive a Meritorious Service Award.

Nominations may be made by any other member, including cadets. Nominations for the award may be submitted through eServices (member login required). 



A Meritorious Service Award is awarded for the recognition of achievements and services which are clearly outstanding and unmistakably exceptional when compared to similar achievements and accomplishments of personnel of like rank and responsibilities. Superior performance of normal duties does not, in itself, constitute automatic justification for the Meritorious Service Award. In instances where many individuals are affiliated with an exceptionally successful program, project, or mission, the Meritorious Service Award should be awarded to the relatively few individuals whose contributions clearly stand out from the others and who have contributed most to the success of the program. 


Selection Process

The squadron Awards Committee will review the award nomination to determine if the award should recommendation should be approved. The Group Commander must approve the award at the group level before the award advanced to the wing level for review. The Wing Commander must approved the award at the wing level before the award advances to the region level for review. 


Wear of the Award on the Cadet Uniform

The Meritorious Service Award ribbon may be worn on the Cadet Service (Class B "Blues"), Service Dress (Class A "Blues") and Semiformal uniforms. 

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