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Community Service Ribbon


The Community Service Ribbon is presented to members who engage in community service activity in their local community. 



All members are eligible to receive the Community Service Ribbon.



The individual must have performed at least 60 hours of documented community service to receive the ribbon. The service must have been performed outside of Civil Air Patrol activities (i.e., the service must not be part of a squadron activity or service project). 

The unit commander will verify the service hours and approve the ribbon awarded to the individual. 

Subsequent awards will be provided for each additional 60 hours of community service performed. 


Award Process

Individuals shall present a compiled list of hours—totaling to a minimum of 60 hours—to the unit commander for review. It is recommended but not required that a letter be provided from the service agency or project officer verifying the service performed by the individual. Multiple letters may be submitted to substantiate the individual's service hours. The unit commander may approve the award immediately upon verification of 60 hours of community service having been performed. 


Wear of the Award on the Cadet Uniform

The Community Service Ribbon may be worn on the Cadet Service (Class B "Blues"), Service Dress (Class A "Blues") and Semiformal uniforms. 

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