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Cadet of the Quarter

Cadet of the Quarter Program Overview

The squadron's Cadet of the Quarter program provides a showcase cadet accomplishments and outstanding participation during each calendar quarter (3-month block). 

The program is comprised of two quarterly award categories: 

  • Cadet of the Quarter: The squadron cadet who demonstrates the highest level of performance during the quarter

  • Airman of the Quarter: A cadet airman (non-staff member) who displays the greatest level of participation and personal achievement during the quarter



Cadet of the Quarter:

  • May be of any cadet grade

  • Must not be a member of the Cadet Command Staff (Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, or Cadet First Sergeant)

  • Must be active with the unit (i.e., having not been on a hiatus or leave of absence at any time during the quarter)

Airman of the Quarter:

  • Must be a cadet holding the grade of Cadet Airman through Cadet Senior Airman (recent promotions to Cadet Staff Sergeant may be considered)

  • Must be active with the unit (i.e., having not been on a hiatus or leave of absence at any time during the quarter)

*The recipient of either award may not exceed two consecutive selections as the award recipient (i.e., no more than two back-to-back quarters). Recipients may receive the award multiple times throughout the year. 


Criteria for Awarding Points

Points are awarded to each cadet based on the following criteria: 

  • Attendance of weekly squadron meetings (bonus points for instructing classes and/or leading activities)

  • Attendance of squadron events or activities beyond weekly meetings (participation in team competitions, field trips, etc.)

  • Attendance of group-level events or activities with other squadrons

  • Attendance of wing-level cadet activities

  • Advancement in cadet grade (bonus points for milestone achievement)

  • Receiving top scores in physical fitness testing

  • Earning other eligible cadet awards and/or badges 

  • Completion of Emergency Services and/or Communications training

  • Recruiting new members into Civil Air Patrol (cadets or senior members)

*The above point values are based on the scoring system set for the 2023 calendar year. Values may change year-to-year. 

*Additional bonus points may be added for outstanding performance or accomplishment not meeting the criteria for other official CAP awards. 


Awardee Selection Process

Award recipients are selected by comparing the top three candidates (i.e., individuals with the highest total scored points) for each quarter in both the Cadet of the Quarter and Airman of the Quarter categories. The Cadet Detachment Cadre and Cadet Command Staff will review the candidates and select the preferred recipient for each category. 

While the scoring system for determining the top candidates is objective (i.e., points are tallied under an automated scoring system), the selection process remains subjective (i.e., the reviewing parties may choose their preferred "best candidate"). The cadet with the highest point value does not automatically receive the award; thus, the reviewing parties may select any of the candidates for the award based on additional preference in review of each cadet's overall performance within the quarter. 


Earning "Cadet of the Quarter" or "Airman of the Quarter"

Cadets who earn the title of Cadet of the Quarter or Airman of the Quarter will be presented with a certificate of achievement and a complimentary gift. Recipients will be provided with an article of Civil Air Patrol merchandise (specific article subject to change depending on the award received and how many times the individual has earned the award). 

Cadets who earn the Cadet of the Quarter title are typically considered for the annual Air Force Association (AFA) Award, which recognizes the squadron's most outstanding cadet based on their performance across the entire training year. While earning Cadet of the Quarter does not guarantee receipt of the AFA Award, it does provide cadets a significant advantage in the unit's consideration of AFA Award nominees. 

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