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Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon


The Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon is presented for the completion of a successful term of office as a representative to a Cadet Advisory Council.



Cadet recipients must have served as a Primary Representative, Assistant Representative, or CAC Officer (Chair, Vice Chair, or Recorder). 



Cadets must have successfully completed their term on CAC (typically 1 year). 


Award Process

The squadron should consult with the CAC echelon commander or CAC Advisor to ensure the cadet's participation was satisfactory. The squadron may present the CAC Ribbon immediately upon the completion of the term. 


Wear of the Award on the Cadet Uniform

The Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon may be worn on the Cadet Service (Class B "Blues"), Service Dress (Class A "Blues") and Semiformal uniforms. A different-colored star will be affixed to the ribbon depending upon the cadet's level of service on CAC (i.e., echelon). Primary representatives may also wear a colored shoulder cord during their service on CAC. Consult CAP Regulation 60-1, Section 7, for guidance. 

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