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Air Force Association Award


The Air Force Association (AFA) Award to Outstanding Civil Air Patrol Cadets serves as an annual award which recognizes the most outstanding cadet in each CAP squadron for the training year. 


Civil Air Patrol has no established eligibility criteria for this award. 

To provide the maximum level of fairness between all squadron cadets, the unit has made it a requirement that the recipient of the AFA Award must be an active cadet, not having been on hiatus or leave of absence during the training year. 



In order to allow unit commanders the widest possible latitude in selecting the AFA Award recipient within each unit, Civil Air Patrol has elected not to establish any specific criteria for the award. The award may go to any cadet, at any level of achievement, in the CAP Cadet Program. 


Selection Process

The AFA Award recipient is selected by the Cadet Detachment Cadre by reviewing cadet performance throughout the year. Recipients of squadron's Cadet of the Quarter award should be considered as preferred candidates for the AFA Award. 

By January 15 of each year, the unit commander must forward the selection to the Air Force Association, who will provide the medal and ribbon for the recipient. A downloadable certificate is available to be printed from the CAP website


Wear of the Award on the Cadet Uniform

The AFA Award ribbon may be worn on the Cadet Service (Class B "Blues"), Service Dress (Class A "Blues") and Semiformal uniforms. 

The AFA Award medal may not be worn on cadet uniforms. 

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