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Civil Air Patrol uniforms provide members with a professional image and appropriate work garment to be worn depending on a number of situational factors. 

CAP Regulation 39-1 Civil Air Patrol Uniform Regulation prescribes the compliance standards for the proper wear of CAP uniforms. Proper compliance includes: 

  • Wear of appropriate uniform items and accessories

  • Wear of additional non-uniform items with CAP uniforms (i.e., jewelry, makeup, etc.)

  • Wear of awards and decorations on CAP uniforms

  • Adherence to weight standards 

  • Adherence to grooming standards (i.e., haircuts, hair styles, shaving, etc.)

NOTE:  Compliance with this regulation is mandatory for all CAP members. The details found on the OH-219 squadron website are intended to provide members with additional guidance to properly wear CAP uniforms and are not intended to deviate from the regulation. 


Uniform Style Classifications

Air Force-Style Uniforms

USAF-style uniforms are based on the U.S. Air Force's working and service uniforms. These include: 

Dress Uniforms:
  • Mess Dress

  • Semi-Formal Dress

  • Service Dress (Class A)

  • Service Uniform (Class B)

Working (Utility) Uniform:
  • Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)


Wear of Air Force-style uniforms is a privilege for CAP members, as the U.S. Air Force has granted authorization for qualifying members to wear these uniforms, to include: 

  • Cadet members under the age of 18 years

  • Cadet members over the age of 18 years who meet weight standards

  • Senior members who meet weight and grooming standards


Corporate-Style Uniforms

CAP has designed a series of distinctive uniform combinations unique to the organization to maintain a professional corporate image for those who choose not to or otherwise do not qualify to wear the Air Force-style uniform. These uniforms include: 

Dress Uniforms:
  • Semi-Formal Uniform

  • Service Dress

  • Aviator Shirt Uniform

Working (Utility) Uniforms:
  • Corporate-Style Battle Dress Uniform ("Blue BDU")

  • CAP Corporate Working Uniform (CWU) polo/golf shirt combination


Wear of corporate-style uniforms is authorized for: 


Conditions for Wear of Uniform Variations

The uniform worn for an event—often referred to as the "Uniform of the Day (UOD)"—is dependent on the activities that participants will be expected to conduct. The activity director/leader will determine which uniform is appropriate for members to wear at the event in order to maximize the professionalism, work quality, and safety of participants. 

The tables below provide general guidance as to the selection of the appropriate uniform to be worn for certain events/activities:

Uniform Combination


Air Force-Style Uniform

Corporate-Style Uniform

Civilian Equivalent

Mess Dress

Formal occasion

Mess, worn by senior member officers and non-commissioned officers



Evening gown

Semi-Formal Dress

Formal occasion

Semi-formal variation of Class A, worn by cadets

Semi-formal variation of Service Dress Uniform

Tuxedo/black-tie suit with jacket

Evening gown/cocktail dress

Service Dress

Business function

Class A

Service Dress Uniform

Suit with jacket

Pantsuit; blazer with skirt

Service Uniform

Business casual

Class B

Aviation Shirt

Button-down shirt

Collared shirt; blouse


Field operations

Airman Battle Uniform

Corporate Working Uniform

Jeans/workpants and work shirt


Day-to-day (office; training)

Airman Battle Uniform

Polo/Golf Shirt

Jeans/workpants and polo



Appropriate Uniform(s)


Mess Dress / Semi-Formal


Mess Dress / Semi-Formal

Service Dress (for lesser formality)

"Awards Night"

Service Dress

Graduation ceremony

Service Dress


Service Dress

Business meeting (office)

Service Dress

Business meeting (casual)

Service (Class B) / Aviator Shirt

Corporate Polo (for lesser formality)

Office work detail (with non-operations detail)

Service Class B / Aviator Shirt

Corporate Polo (for lesser formality)

Office work detail (with operations duties)

Airman Battle Uniform / Corporate Battle Dress Uniform / Corporate Polo (tactical configuration)

Field training

Airman Battle Uniform / Corporate Battle Dress Uniform





NOTE:  In cases wear dress uniforms are worn, it is not uncommon for members to not have a "high dress level" of a particular uniform (e.g., a member may own a Class B Air Force-style uniform but does not possess a Class A Air Force-style uniform). In these instances, members are usually instructed to wear the "next level down."




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