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Where can I find out about upcoming activities? 
You can find information on upcoming squadron-hosted activities on our web calendar:


What forms does my cadet need to bring to activities? 
For each activity hosted by the squadron (such as field trips, flying, or training weekends), your cadet will need to bring a CAP Form 60-80 Cadet Activity Permission Slip This permission slip will include information about the event, including any drop-off/pick-up points (if applicable) and contact information in case you need to get a hold of the event staff. Activities such as weekly unit meetings and fitness testing do not require a permission slip. It is best to check with your cadet and ask them if they are required to turn in any forms before participating in an activity. 

Your cadet may be asked to provide medical and/or emergency contact information for some activities. There may also be activities which require additional permission forms to be filled out (such as Encampment or National Cadet Special Activities). Your cadet will be made aware of the forms he/she needs to provide to complete registration for these activities. 


Can parents participate in cadet activities without joining CAP?
Some activities are open to parent participation, as well as often open to other family members. Most of the time, weekly meetings, fitness testing, social events, and similar activities will be made open for parent observation or participation; however, there may be some restrictions for member-only participation due to the safety of activity participants. Activities which may have restricted participation may include, but are not limited to, field training, cadet orientation flights, and related training events. 

We typically ask that parents give their cadets space during cadet activities so that their cadet may participate freely in the structured training environment. Some cadets may feel uncomfortable performing leadership roles under parental supervision. Parents should observe at a distance without disrupting the activity (or at least ask a senior member first before getting directly involved). 


I have a cadet in CAP. How can I get involved as a parent/guardian? 
To learn more about volunteering as a parent, visit our Adult Members area:

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