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Adult Members

What can I offer?
Our members come from a variety of backgrounds. But it is the contributions of our members that helps us to fulfill our mission goals and give back to the community. Some of the roles we look to fill include, but are not limited to: 

  • Activity Management (Adult and youth)
  • Administration (forms and records management) 
  • Aerospace Education 
  • Chaplain Corps (secular and non-secular roles) 
  • Finance Management
  • Logistics and Supply
  • Medical and Health Services
  • Operations (emergency services, training management) 
  • Professional Development (Senior Member training and progression)
  • Public Affairs
  • Radio Communications and Information Technology
  • Recruiting and Retention Programs
  • Safety (education, risk management)


Do I need to have military experience? 
Most of our members do not have any experience or background in military service or military operations. CAP's Senior Member professional development program intends to train and educate all new members regardless of their military experience. 

Persons who have served in the military at the grades of E-4 through E-9 (any branch, current or prior service) may be eligible to join CAP's Non-Commissioned Officer corps. 


I am thinking of having my kids join. How can I get involved? 
CAP Cadet Programs Officers (CPO) include a number of roles that help support cadet activities. CPO roles typically include: 

  • Aerospace Education
  • Cadet Activity Management
  • Chaplain Corps Services
  • Fitness Education
  • Leadership Education
  • Orientation Flight Pilots

In addition to serving as a CPO, CAP also offers Cadet Sponsor Membership (CSM)—parents, grandparents, and guardians of cadets who support cadet activities (such as chaperoning and other "light" volunteering). *CSMs must have a cadet active in the program to retain CSM membership. 

All adult members of CAP (persons over the age of 18 years) are required to complete Cadet Protection Program training before being permitted to interact with cadets. 


I would rather not work with cadets. Do I have to?
There are many CAP members who prefer not to be directly involved in cadet activities. CAP is not solely a youth-oriented program despite a significant dedication of CAP resources going toward Cadet Programs. Members who do not regularly work with cadets may put their efforts to functional areas that serve in support of overall unit operations (e.g., air operations, finance, search and rescue operations, supply management, etc.). Members should be aware, however, that contact with cadets may still occur from time to time even if there is no direct interaction required in a particular role. 


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