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Onboarding New Cadet Sponsor Members


To provide steps and best practices for introducing new Cadet Sponsor Members to Civil Air Patrol and accomplishing Level 1 of CAP's Education & Training program


Applicability of Cadet Sponsor Members

Cadet Sponsor Members are parents and grandparents of cadets who are active members in Civil Air Patrol. 

Oftentimes, Cadet Sponsor Members will seek to join CAP at the same time as their cadet—sometimes sooner. The cadet must be on the CAP roster before the Cadet Sponsor Member's application may be accepted (see Completing the Membership Process below). 


Overview of Initial Training for Cadet Sponsor Members (Level 1)

Cadet Sponsor Members are required to complete Level 1 training prior to being permitted to supervise cadets on their own due to Level 1 consisting of CAP's Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT)

Level 1 training also includes a foundational familiarization with Civil Air Patrol's mission and scope, corporate structure, critical/applicable policies, and access/use of the eServices web system


Completing the Membership Process

NOTE:  All forms shown on this page are samples only and should not be used as they may be updated by CAP at any time. Current versions of these forms are available on the CAP Forms website. 


The Recruiting & Retention Officer (RECREN) is responsible for the recruiting of new members into Civil Air Patrol. The RECREN compiles all of the necessary information from the candidate member to assist in completing their paper-based membership application (CAP Form 12). 

*Cadet Sponsor Members must undergo a fingerprint-based Criminal History Records Check (CHRC). 

Once the application is completed and ready for review, the RECREN coordinates with the Commander to review the application before the Commander accepts/signs the application. 

Once signed by the Commander, the application is mailed by the RECREN to the Personnel/Member Services office at CAP National Headquarters (NHQ):

105 S Hansell St
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


NOTE:  The RECREN maintains a supply of fingerprint cards (FD Form 258), a resupply of which may be ordered through eServices in the Administration (Material Orders) portal. 

NOTE:  A current list of membership fees and accepted forms of payment may be found on the CAP website. It is suggested that applicants provide a written check to be included with the application packet to be mailed. 


Applicants should expect 7-14 days for processing by NHQ. Members will be considered accepted and active once they appear in eServices and are provided with a CAPID (membership identification number). The RECREN will communicate the new member's introduction onto the CAP roster to the:

  • Commander

  • Deputy commander(s), as applicable

  • Education & Training Officer

  • Information Technology Officer

  • Personnel Officer

  • Cadet Commander


The RECREN must ensure that the corresponding cadet member (i.e., Cadet Sponsor Member's child or grandchild) receives the appropriate credit for recruiting the Cadet Sponsor Member. This is tracked in eServices using the Personnel (Membership System / Recruiting Info.) portal. 


Initiating the Onboarding Process

Prior to submitting an application, the RECREN should review with the applicant the differences between a Civil Air Patrol senior member and Cadet Sponsor Member to ensure that the applicant clearly understands the membership avenue they intend to take and any limitations in becoming a Cadet Sponsor Member (i.e., wear of CAP uniforms, earning of awards, etc.). 

The RECREN will coordinate with the Education & Training Officer (ETO) to establish a plan of action for the member to complete their Level 1 training. The RECREN will work with the member for their first-time logging into eServices and coordinate with any squadron staff members, as appropriate, should any issues arise.

Upon notification of the new member's addition to the roster, the Information Technology Officer (ITO) should coordinate with appropriate parties at higher echelons to ensure the member receives an Ohio Wing email address. 

NOTE:  Because it may take several days or weeks for the members to receive their OHWG email address, RECREN should continue to coordinate with the member and appropriate squadron staffs to ensure that the individual receives any pertinent information until their email address is received. 


Completing Level 1 Training

The ETO will work with the member to assist them completing their Level 1 training. The ETO must coordinate with the Commander to ensure that the member is scheduled for a Cadet Protection Program Training briefing/summary conversation prior to the completion of Level 1 and being "released" from training. 

Once all Level 1 task items/courses have been completed, the ETO submits the member's "Path for Approval" in eServices (Professional Development / Professional Levels portal) which notifies the Commander that the individual has completed all required Level 1 items. The Commander will then approve the member as having completed Level 1. 

Once approved by the Commander, the Personnel Officer will coordinate—with the Administrative Officer (certificate) and Logistics Officer (ribbon and epaulets, as applicable)—for a presentation of the member's Level 1 completion certification (may require coordination with the Cadet Command Staff for schedule interfacing). 


Ongoing Training

Cadet Sponsor Members do not have ongoing/recurrent training requirements with the exception of Cadet Protection Program Training renewal required every 48 months (4 years). The ETO must monitor squadron members regularly to determine if any members are approaching their due date for CPPT recurrent training. The ETO coordinate with the Commander to assign/schedule members to complete their CPPT recurrent training as required. 

Cadet Sponsor Members may only actively serve with CAP as long as their child/grandchild remains an active cadet. Upon the cadet leaving CAP, the Cadet Sponsor Member has the option to resign their membership or change membership categories. The RECREN will work with the member to determine their best/preferred path. Cadet Sponsor Members choosing to become a senior member must complete a new CAP Form 12 to transfer their membership. 

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