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Unit History


Civil Air Patrol adopts the Battle Dress Uniform as the primary utility uniform for cadet members. Prior to the 1990s, CAP cadets wore a common set of fatigue uniforms in solid olive drab. 

Unit Charter Number re-designated from "200" to "OH-219" as Civil Air Patrol standardized a new unit identification convention. At the time, the squadron was numbered 200, giving the unit the nickname The Zoo. Upon becoming OH-219, the squadron nickname became the Skyhawks. At the time, the Skyhawks operated from their Headquarters location at Weltzien Skypark airport in Wadsworth, Ohio. 


2000s — 

Following the attacks against the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was established. In response to domestic emergency management needs, Civil Air Patrol receives a significant upgrade in equipment as CAP's Emergency Services mission is expanded. 

Maj Jason Kaufmann serves as Squadron Commander from 2007-2010.

Capt Steven Nagy serves as Squadron Commander from 2010-2012. 


2012 — 

Capt Dona Stein assumes command of the Skyhawks.


2015 —

The National Cadet Programs team begins to evolve the cadet training model with an emphasis on using cohort recruiting methods to establish training classes. The Cadet Great Start initiative begins to take hold in units across the country to provide a structured training curriculum for new cadets. 


2016 —

1st Lt Glenn Somodi assumes command of the Skyhawks. 

Lt Col Paul Creed, Group III Commander (center), presents the Quality Cadet Unit Award for the 2015-2016 training year to 1st Lt Glenn Somodi, Squadron Commander, and 1st Lt Ryan McNeilly, Deputy Commander for Cadets.

The Skyhawks institute the first Basic Cadet Training (BCT) program to function as a localized version of the Cadet Great Start initiative. Class 01-16 graduates as the first cohort trainees on March 20, 2016. 

Cadets graduate from Basic Cadet Training Class 01-16.
Graduates include: Olivia Conway, Bradly Hilliard, Gregory Hilliard, Trey Hilliard, Trinity Homolak, Brandon Irwin, Dakota Pritchard, Caleb Stone, Matthew Stoner, Catherine Thomas, Peter Thomas

The squadron transitions from a Sunday afternoon meeting schedule to Thursday evenings. 

Former Skyhawks Cadet Commander, C/Lt Col Andrew Campbell, serves as the Cadet Commander for the 2016 Ohio Wing Encampment. C/CMSgt Chase Somodi, Skyhawks Cadet First Sergeant, is selected to serve as the Encampment Cadet Command Chief. 

C/Lt Col Andrew Campbell (center) serves as Cadet Commander of the 2016 Ohio Wing Encampment.
C/CMSgt Chase Somodi (far right) serves as the Cadet Command Chief.

Civil Air Patrol adopts wear of the Airman Battle Uniform. 

Civil Air Patrol celebrates its 75th anniversary since its establishment on December 1, 1941. 1st Lt Glenn Somodi, Squadron Commander, receives a National Commander's Commendation Award for his design of the 75th Anniversary Challenge Coin. 

The 75th Anniversary of Civil Air Patrol Challenge Coin, designed by 1s Lt Glenn Somodi, OH-219 Squadron Commander


2017 —

Maj Donald Thomas assumes command of the Skyhawks. 

Lt Col Paul Creed (left) presents the squadron guidon to Maj Donald Thomas during the change of command.


2018 — 

The U.S. Air Force awards Civil Air Patrol with the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award (AFOEA) for exceptionally meritorious service from 1 October 2012 to 31 August 2016. Eligible members are authorized the wear the AFOEA ribbon on their Air Force-style service uniforms. 

The above members receive the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award for serving between 2012 and 2016.
Pictured (left-to-right): Justin Valek, Sean Turner, Jeffery Valek, Donald Thomas, Dona Stein, Michael Reitz, Ryan McNeilly, John Turner

The Skyhawks lead the way at the 2018 Ohio Wing Encampment by being presented with the most achievements awarded: 

- C/SrA Brian Bowser, Squadron 3 Honor Cadet of the Day (Training Day 2)
- C/A1C Darek Klein, Recipient of the Commandant's Trophy
- 1st Lt Ryan McNeilly Support Staff Officer of the Year (Logistics Officer)
- C/SrA Edward Pinc III, Bravo Flight Honor Cadet of Encampment
- C/SSgt Justin Rice, Honor Cadet of the Ohio Wing Encampment
- C/CMSgt Justin Valek, Charlie Flight Commander (Honor Flight of Encampment)

C/SSgt Justin Rice, Honor Cadet of the 2018 Ohio Wing Encampment

Civil Air Patrol introduces significant changes to the Cadet Program by modifying the Cadet Physical Fitness Test, establishing new cadet promotion requirements, and redesigning adult leader training courses. 

Cyber and S.T.E.M. Badges are added as cadet-eligible decorations. 


2019 —

C/TSgt Nicole Dimos is the first cadet in the squadron to receive the Cadet S.T.E.M. Badge. She is also one of the earliest cadets in Civil Air Patrol to receive the badge. 

C/TSgt Nicole Dimos the first cadet in the squadron to receive the S.T.E.M. Badge, presented by Maj Donald Thomas, Squadron Commander.


2020 —

The COVID-19 pandemic triggers a nationwide pause to in-person activities. Civil Air Patrol adapts with a number of modifications to programming standards, to include the addition of virtual training means. The squadron rapidly adapts to the changes and develops an all-virtual training model.

The squadron's first virtual meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic was held on March 26, 2020.
Pictured: C/ Johnathan Pinc (top) and C/ Edward Pinc (bottom).

Limited in-person activities begin resuming in October. The squadron begins to broadcast weekly live training feeds from its Headquarters. 

The squadron's first in-person meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic was held on October 1, 2020.
Pictured: C/ AnGe Lao


2021 —

The Skyhawks relocate their Headquarters from the Weltzien Skypark airport to the Wadsworth Municipal Airport in Wadsworth, Ohio.

In-person activities resume as COVID-19 restrictions are reduced. 

Cadets conduct an exercise to investigate a crashed spy satellite.

Capt Ryan McNeilly assumes command of the Skyhawks. 

Capt Sean Beatty (far left), Group III Deputy Commander, presents the squadron guidon to Capt Ryan McNeilly during the change of command.

CAP-USAF's Great Lakes Liaison Region visits the Skyhawks to conduct an audit of flight operations. The GLLR is presented with a signed squadron photo. 

Mr. Charles "Chuck" Mahon (far right) of CAP-USAF visits the Skyhawks

The squadron is awarded the Squadron of Merit as the most outstanding Ohio Wing squadron based on its performance during the 2020 training year. Ohio Wing Commander, Col Peter Bowden, visits the Skyhawks to present the award. 

Col Peter Bowden, Ohio Wing Commander, presents the Squadron of Merit to Capt Ryan McNeilly, Squadron Commander, and C/Maj Justin Valek, Squadron Cadet Commander. 

The Battle Dress Uniform is completely phased out from wear. 

Substantial changes are introduced into the Cadet Program as National Headquarters makes significant modifications to the Cadet Physical Fitness Test by adopting the Presidential Youth Fitness Program and introducing the Cadet Interactive online learning program to re-envision how cadets complete requirements for advancement. 


2022 —

The Skyhawks relocate their Headquarters from the Wadsworth Municipal Airport to A.I. Root Middle School in Medina, Ohio. 

Skyhawks Cadet Commander, C/Col Zurich Begin, receives the General Carl A. Spaatz Award as the youngest Civil Air Patrol cadet to have earned the achievement. 


2023 —

CAP National Commander, Maj Gen Edward Phelka, flies in from Michigan to present the Spaatz Award to C/Col Zurich Begin, marking the first visit by a National Commander to attend a Skyhawks meeting. 

Maj Gen Edward Phelka, CAP National Commander, presents C/Col Zurich Begin with the Spaatz Award
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