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Civil Air Patrol Squadron Structure

Civil Air Patrol operates under three main categories of squadron types:

  • Senior Squadron — Consists of only adult members who perform various operational CAP missions

  • Cadet Squadron — Exists to provide a cadet-based leadership program for teenagers with adults serving in management/instructor roles only

  • Composite Squadron — A combination of Senior and Cadet Squadron roles which includes both an operational mission focus and a cadet leadership program

The Medina County Skyhawks uses a composite squadron structure, employing both a senior member corps and a cadet corps


Component Structure

The Medina County Skyhawks Composite Squadron (Unit Charter Number: GLR-OH-219) is an assigned component of Group III, Ohio Wing and provides service to Medina County and surrounding counties. 



Senior Detachment

The Skyhawks Senior Detachment (S-DET) consists of the unit's administrative and support functions, to include finance, logistics, personnel resource management, etc. While the Senior Detachment operates independently of the Cadet Detachment, many senior members often perform additional duties within the Cadet Detachment as training Cadre. 


Cadet Detachment

The Skyhawks Cadet Detachment (C-DET) consists of the unit's cadet program, which includes cadets ages 12 years and older. While the Cadet Detachment often interfaces closely with the Senior Detachment for support needs, the Cadet Detachment includes a distinctive set of adult training Cadre to facilitate cadet activities and mentor cadet leaders as they progress through the training program. 

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