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Mission Statement

Developing the Nation's finest force of volunteer citizens

It is the Skyhawks' mission to build and maintain a corps of capable, competent, and confident leaders in our community—one that can tackle real-world challenges and provide direction in times of chaos to those needing guidance and support. 

We accomplish this by employing a strategic influence of Civil Air Patrol's Core Values into each of our programs:

  • Integrity — Possessing honesty, righteousness, and accountability in our actions, to include those witnessed by others and those taking place in private with nobody else watching

  • Volunteer Service — Selflessly sacrificing one's time to donate a unique set of skills and attributes to accomplished a unified mission

  • Excellence — Putting forth the highest amount of effort in order to accomplish the highest of expectations and standards

  • Respect — Treating all others with dignity and fairness to develop and maintain an unbreakable team spirit


Cadet Detachment

The Skyhawks employ Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Program through the unit's Cadet Detachment which seeks to prepare teens to be the future leaders of our community, State, and Nation.

The application of CAP's core elements in instituting a successful cadet program provide a depth of knowledge in the principles of leadership, aerospace foundations, and other key subject matter are critical in build the future adults of America.

It is the end goal of the Cadet Detachment to create analytical, critical thinkers who can tackle life's problems and lead others through their own struggles as maturing adolescents. 


Senior Detachment

The unit's Senior Detachment employs a corps of adult leaders and support staff members to carry out Civil Air Patrol's critical operations and support functions. 

Senior members serving as Cadet Detachment Cadre deliver an impactful training program for the unit's cadet corps, creating a learning-friendly environment in which teens receive the direction and mentoring necessary to develop essential life skills and to grow into young leaders of others. 

It is imperative that the unit foster an environment in which senior members receive the necessary attention, education, and skill-development in order to ensure that the volunteer corps is adequately staffed and prepared to exercise the squadron's mission. 


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