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Testing Officer



The Testing Officer supports Civil Air Patrol testing programs by ensuring the appropriate handling, administration, and security of written, graded tests. The Testing Officer (TO) role supports both the squadron's Cadet Detachment and Senior Detachment in ensuring the adequate implementation of testing across a wide variety of educational programs. Subordinate assistant testing officers may be assigned under the squadron's primary Testing Officer to assist in general or focused areas, as needed. 


Reports to

Personnel Officer



  • Proctor the administration of written exams

  • Assist the squadron Commander in conducting unit inspections in regard to the unit's compliance with CAP testing programs

  • Maintain and inventory written test materials stored by the unit, to include maintaining and enforcing access control

  • Support the Leadership Education Officer in the scheduling and administration of cadet achievement tests (does not apply to fitness testing)

  • Advise the Commander on personnel needing special testing accommodations, and ensuring that appropriate accommodations are provided, as approved


Suggested Training Specialties

  • Administration

  • Cadet Programs

  • Education & Training

  • Personnel

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