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Personnel Officer



The Personnel Officer employs the unit's personnel support and human resources management programs. 


Reports to

Deputy Commander



  • Ensure appropriate and adequate implementation of procedures reflective of CAP's membership programs, to include coordinating with the unit's Recruiting & Retention (RECREN) Officer to prepare and submit member applications (to Higher Headquarters)

  • Assist the Commander in assigning senior members to staff duty positions (in eServices) and monitoring staff performance in those duties to identify the need for staff reassignment and the filling of work gaps

  • Coordinate with the Administrative Officer regarding the processing and submission of awards packages

  • Coordinate with the Administrative Officer and Logistics Officer for the presentation of awards, decorations, and promotions

  • Ensure members receive, and correctly wear, Civil Air Patrol uniforms, as required (in coordination with the Logistics Officer)


Suggest Training Specialties

  • Administration

  • Personnel

  • Recruiting & Retention

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