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Logistics Officer



The Logistics Officer oversees the unit's logistics support programs to ensure that the squadron is equipped and able to move personnel and materials in support of operations. 


Reports to

Deputy Commander



  • Provide support for the unit's equipment and supply needs, maintaining adequate inventories to ensure personnel are equipped and capable of operating in their assigned missions

  • Acquire, maintain, distribute, and collect materials in support of operations

  • Oversee the use, maintenance, care, and readiness of Civil Air Patrol vehicles assigned to the unit

  • Ensure the maintenance, cleanliness, and safety of facilities in use by the unit

  • Liaise with external facility hosts regarding housekeeping or contractual issues

  • Coordinate with the squadron Activities Officer and Safety Officer to ensure adequate arrangements and risk management regarding facility usage


Suggested Training Specialties

  • Logistics

  • Operations

  • Safety

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