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Education & Training Officer



The Education & Training Officer assists in the facilitation of senior member development and progression through Civil Air Patrol's Education & Training (E&T) program. The Education & Training Officer helps to onboard new members as they familiarize themselves with CAP's educational tracks and advises members on the status of their progression through E&T curricula. 


Reports to

Personnel Officer



  • Assist the Recruiting & Retention Officer in the onboarding of new senior members, to including introducing new members to CAP's Education & Training program and selecting/assigning members to appropriate initial progression tracks (i.e., former military, professional promotion, former cadet, etc.)

  • Monitor members' progression through CAP's Education & Training levels

  • Assist members in selecting and/or being assigned to a CAP Specialty Track

  • Monitor members' progression through Specialty Tracks

  • Advise the Commander on the status of member development and progression through training programs

  • Oversee the implementation of senior member development awards programs within the squadron and make recommendations to the Commander on members' eligibility for development awards


Suggested Training Specialties:

  • Education & Training

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