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Deputy Commander for Cadets

The Deputy Commander for Cadets is the officer-in-charge of the unit's Cadet Detachment and serves as the principal training instructor for cadet programming. The Deputy Commander for Cadets oversees the Cadet Detachment Cadre which assists in the facilitation of the cadet training program and cadet mentoring. 



  • Implementing the unit Commander's vision and intent throughout the Cadet Detachment
  • Enforcing Cadet Protection Program (CPP) standards and training members in CPP fundamentals 
  • Mentoring the cadet officer corps in exercising the Cadet Commander's initiatives 
  • Directing and training the Cadet Detachment Cadre in their respective roles
  • Cadet discipline and awards recommendations


Suggested Training Specialties

  • Cadet Programs
  • Command
  • Personnel
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