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Withdrawal from the Cadet Program

Drop on Request

Cadets may withdraw from the program at any time due to a myriad of reasons (loss of interest, scheduling conflicts, personal reasons, etc.). 

Individuals who wish to Drop on Request (DOR) should do so by sending an email to leaders stating their intent to withdraw, reasoning, and effective end of participation (e.g., immediately, the 1st of the month, etc.). 

Upon effective DOR, unit leaders will notify appropriate persons to remove the cadet from active rosters and attempt to cease including the individual on any mass emails (weekly attendance, etc.). 

It is the unit's policy that cadets may choose to drop from the program without parental consent to provide the maximum drive for participation from cadet members. Oftentimes, cadets wish to no longer participate despite parents wanting the cadet to continue; however, it is felt that this creates undue stress on the cadet and negative impacts the remainder of the program. Parents who wish for their cadet to continue despite the cadet requesting to leave should schedule a conference with unit leaders as soon as able. 


Membership Termination

Cadets will be afforded a minimum of 30 days to rescind their DOR should they choose to continue in the program. In some instances, such as those where scheduling conflicts and family situations which may induce the desire/need to withdraw, the unit may afford additional time to allow for a change of mind. 

After the initial 30 days pass, the unit will notify Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters of the cadet's DOR and proceed to remove the cadet from the CAP roster. This may take anywhere from several days to several weeks to process the removal. Upon removal, the cadet will no longer have access to eServices or other CAP systems. At this time, cadets must cease using all CAP assets, to include official CAP email addresses even if still accessible until disabled. 


Exit Interview

The unit requests that all DOR cadets meet with unit leaders prior to permanently leaving the program. It is preferred to conduct an exit interview to gain feedback on creating program improvements. 

Exit interviews are not mandatory. Cadets and parents may choose to opt out of the exit interview at their discretion. 


Return of Unit Property

All property issued by the unit is subject to be returned, exclusive of: 

  • Awards, challenge coins, ribbons, and ribbon rack (holder)
  • T-shirts
  • Fitness wear (i.e., physical training shirts/shorts) 
  • Water canteens
  • Merchandising (pens, notebooks, cups/mugs, etc.)

Items which are expected to be returned include: 

  • Airman Battle Uniform (sewn-on insignia and name tapes may remain sewn on when returned) 
  • Service/Dress uniforms 
  • Metal pin-on insignia


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