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Cadet Physical Fitness & Injury Restrictions


Part of the CAP Cadet Program is for cadets to regularly engage in an active and healthy lifestyle, which includes participation in CAP fitness programs as well as fitness testing. 

All cadets are subject to the Cadet Physical Fitness Test (CPFT) and drill testing as core requirements for cadet promotion. 

Fitness categories (explained below) are respective to fitness activities, fitness testing, drill and ceremonies training, and drill testing. 


Fitness Restrictions & Waivers

Cadets who cannot perform measured fitness activities (i.e., testing) due to physical limitations or injuries may be subject to waiver from testing requirements. 

Fitness categories include: 

  • Category I, Unrestricted — A cadet in this category is determined to be in good health and may participate in fitness programs without restriction. 

  • Category II, Temporarily Restricted — A cadet in this category is determined to be temporarily restricted from all or part of fitness programs due to a condition or injury of a temporary nature (e.g., broken bones, post-injury recovery, and illness). Cadets may not exceed 6 months in this category without reevaluation. The unit may request a parent's note or doctor's note before the cadet may be declared a Category II or greater (i.e., waived from fitness requirements), or before the cadet may be permitted to participate in fitness activities. 

  • Category III, Partially Restricted — A cadet in this category is determined to be indefinitely or permanently restricted from a portion of fitness programs due to a medical condition or injury of permanent or indefinite duration (i.e., prognosis for full recovery exceeds 6 months). The medical condition should be certified by a physician. 

  • Category IV, Indefinitely Restricted — A cadet in this category is determined to be indefinitely or permanently restricted from the entire fitness program due to a medical condition or injury of a permanent nature. The medical condition must be certified by a physician. Cadets in this category are exempt from all fitness activity requirements indefinitely. 


Participating in Fitness Activities Despite Waiver

Despite being placed into any fitness category (above), cadets are always encouraged to participate in activities to the extent possible. 

For example: 
While a cadet may not be able to meet timed mile-run standards due to an injury, a physician may permit the cadet to jog slowly to remain active. In such a case, the cadet should be encouraged to jog, and the run time may be waived. 

In some cases, cadets may not be permitted to be physically involved in a specific event. The unit will make reasonable accommodations to allow the cadet to continue to participate in the overall activity or meeting. 

Cadets who are restricted in mobility (i.e., crutches, wheelchair, bone cast or splint, etc.) are encouraged to still participate and may assist in administering the program. 

For example:
Cadets who are unable to conduct push-ups during a fitness assessment should be used to help keep time and/or score. 


Notifying the Unit of Fitness-Related Issues

Parents are asked to be the Point of Contact for any physical limitations or restrictions. 

Oftentimes, cadets will notify of a recent injury or limitation and do not provide enough detail for leaders to safely determine the extent to which the cadet may continue to participate; thus the cadet may be asked to "sit out." Such cases are not considered waivable for testing requirements and may result in a cadet being ineligible to promote due to failing to complete testing. 

The unit requests that parents provide notification to adult leaders as soon as practicable so that the cadet may be assigned to the appropriate fitness category and be permitted to continue to promote as eligible. Notification should occur in writing so that it may be shared with essential leaders and be maintained on record. 

Parents are free to send leadership an email or use the unit's contact form available here

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