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Cadet Attendance & Participation

Expectations for Cadet Participation

Active participation is a promotion requirement because direct, in-person involvement in the Cadet Program is the most effective way for cadets to learn and grow as leaders. 

"Active participation" is not precisely defined because the reason for, frequency of, and duration of absences varies greatly. Cadets are typically considered "active" if they participate in four meetings over an 8-week period. 


Occasional Absences

If a cadet knows that they will be absent from a meeting or activity, they are expected to notify their chain of command. 

Parents are requested to not contact the unit to inform that the cadet will be absent unless under a unique and/or emergency circumstance (e.g., medical emergency, illness). Well cadets are expected to notify their leaders if they cannot attend. 

Occasional absences are typically, but not limited to, absences due to athletics practice, school obligations, family events, etc. 


Extended Absences

If a cadet will be absent from multiple consecutive activities and/or for multiple weeks, the cadet is expected to file a leave of absence with the unit. This should be accomplished in writing via email. The date of expected return should be provided. 

Cadets on an extended leave of absence should be aware that participation in "special activities" may be restricted, as some activities are considered "earned" or "rewarded" for regular involvement. 


Cadets Living Away at College

Cadets who are college students and living away from the unit may continue to assist with special projects or staff roles. Cadets permitted to contribute in this manner may satisfy the "active participation" promotion requirement. 


Failure to Notify of Absence

Cadets are expected to notify their chain of command when they will be absent. Cadets who are regularly absent and/or are considered unreliable in their attendance may be removed/withheld from holding staff roles. Cadet staff duties may be a requirement for promotion; thus, chronic or frequent absences may impact the ability to advance in the program. 

It is the unit's policy that cadets who are absent for a period of more than 30 days without adequate notice or approval by the squadron commander are subject to probationary status. Cadets on probation may be restricted from participating in certain activities (see "Extended Absences" above). Cadets who are chronically absent over a 60-day period are subject to removal from the program. 


Mandatory Attendance

All weekly training meetings are considered mandatory for attendance. Absences must be excused as described above. 

Additional activities may be considered mandatory. In such cases, cadets and parents will be made aware at least two weeks in advance in accordance with CAP regulations. The web calendar will serve as advanced notification and awareness of mandatory activities. 

Unit activity rosters are tracked and monitored for recordkeeping of attendance. 


For further information on attendance policies, refer to CAP Regulation 60-1, Chapter 3.4, available here

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