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Deputy Commander for Seniors

Major Donald H. Thomas



Maj Thomas joined Civil Air Patrol in November 2009 with his first assignment as Aerospace Education Officer. In 2011, Maj Thomas was appointed as the unit's Administrative Officer as well as Ohio Wing's Internal Aerospace Education Officer. He became the unit's Deputy Commander for Seniors in 2012. In June 2017, Maj Thomas was appointed as Commander of the Medina County Skyhawks Composite Squadron, held until June 2021. Under his command, the unit was awarded Squadron of Merit as Ohio Wing's most outstanding cadet training squadron for the 2020 training year. Today, Maj Thomas serves as the unit's Deputy Commander following years of experience in squadron command and administrative roles. 

Maj Thomas is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is an avid aviation enthusiast and photographer. 


Education & Training

2010, Squadron Leadership School
2011, Great Lakes Region Aerospace Education Officers School
2014, Command Technician Rating
2016, Aerospace Master Rating
2016, Corporate Learning Course
2018, Unit Commanders Course
2019, Administration Technician Rating
2019, Professional Development Technician Rating
2019, Training Leaders of Cadets Basic 
2019, Personnel Technician Rating
2020, Cadet Programs Technician Rating


Promotion History

20 May 2010, Second Lieutenant
20 May 2011, First Lieutenant
06 Dec 2012, Captain
08 Jun 2017, Major


Awards & Honors

2010, Brig Gen "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award
2011, Wing Commander's Commendation
2012, Ohio Wing Aerospace Education Officer of the Year
2015, Wing Commander's Commendation
2016, A. Scott Crossfield Award for Aerospace
2018, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
2021, Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award
2021, Crisis Service Award

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