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Major Ryan M. McNeilly



Maj McNeilly joined Civil Air Patrol in April 2015 with his first assignment as Leadership Education Officer. In October 2015, he was appointed as Deputy Commander for Cadets and oversaw the squadron's implementation of its first cohort recruit training program, Basic Cadet Training, in 2016. In January 2017, he was appointed as Safety Officer while remaining in oversight of the unit's Cadet Detachment. In 2018, Maj McNeilly served dually as a Training Officer and Logistics Officer at the Ohio Wing Encampment for which he was recognized as the Support Officer of the Year. He joined the Ohio Wing Cadet Programs staff in October 2018 as the Cadet Special Activities Officer. Maj McNeilly was appointed as the Director of Cadet Programs for Ohio Wing in April 2020 and was named Ohio Wing's Cadet Programs Officer of the Year. In February 2021, he served as a member of the Ohio Wing congressional delegation for CAP's Legislative Day. Maj McNeilly assumed command of the Medina County Skyhawks Composite Squadron in June 2021. In addition to his command service, Maj McNeilly also serves as the unit's Aerospace Education Officer and Public Affairs Officer. 

Maj McNeilly grew up on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio and is a 2011 graduate of Kent State University's College of Technology, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics; his focus of study was Aviation Management. He completed his graduate studies at Kent State University in 2013 with a Master of Technology degree with a focus in Aviation Safety & Human Error. In college, Maj McNeilly served as the President of Students Supporting Military Personnel, a volunteer student organization dedicated to supporting military students and families. As a private pilot, Maj McNeilly expresses that his core passion is aviation and that one of his favorite experiences is watching first-time flyers get to experience their first airplane ride. 


Education & Training

2015, Training Leaders of Cadets
2016, Squadron Leadership School
2016, Corporate Learning Course
2018, Training Leaders of Cadets Intermediate
2021, National Aerospace Education Officers School
2021, Cadet Programs Master Rating
2021, Administration Technician Rating
2021, Aerospace Technician Rating


Promotion History

19 Aug 2015, Second Lieutenant
23 Feb 2017, First Lieutenant
29 Aug 2019, Captain
29 Aug 2023, Major


Awards & Honors

2015, Brig Gen "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award
2018, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
2018, Curtis LeMay Award for Strategic Success
2018, Ohio Wing Encampment Support Officer of the Year
2018, Wing Commander's Commendation
2020, Wing Commander's Commendation
2020, Jack V. Sorenson Award for Cadet Programs Officer of the Year (Ohio Wing)
2021, Wing Commander's Commendation
2021, Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award
2021, Wing Commander's Commendation
2021, Crisis Service Award
2022, Meritorious Service Award

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