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Section 7 | Cadet Training Objectives

Unit Training Plan & Goals


7.1  Training Philosophy

The unit's primary focus and philosophy in cadet training is in the execution of a quality, effective leadership development curriculum. 

The Quality Cadet Unit Award (QCUA) should serve as guidance when monitoring the success of cadet progression and unit growth. 


7.2  Cadet Performance

Periodic performance reviews are conducted with the Cadet Staff to monitor leadership progress in support of both the individual's progression in the program and their overall influence on other cadets in the unit. 

In addition to promotion review boards (feedback sessions), cadet officers and cadet NCOs are evaluated quarterly using Leadership Assessment forms ("Blue Cards") to evaluate the individual's personal attributes and core leader competencies. These assessments are not influential on a cadet's ability to promote and are solely used to to provide feedback for the sustainment of positive and negative performance attributes and the improvement of areas of deficient performance (outside of behavioral/disciplinary concerns). Such evaluations are performed by Cadre members and senior Cadet Staff members. 

Field grade cadet officers are expected to perform self-evaluations via "Yellow Cards" during major events (such as field training). 

Key Cadet Staff members of major events are generally evaluated using "Green Cards" by event Cadre/training officers to critique activity-specific performance rather than overall performance throughout unit affairs. 


7.3  Cadet Staffing

The unit shall maintain a Cadet Staff document which supports the application of unit-specific staff roles (i.e., job descriptions, common tasks, best practices, etc.). 

At least once per year, the unit shall conduct Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) for all members of the Cadet Staff who hold the grade of Cadet Staff Sergeant or higher. It is preferred that ICUT is captured prior to the unit's annual Field Training Exercise. ICUT shall be open to all other cadets to complete, as well. 

All Cadet Staff members shall be qualified in the General Emergency Services course. The unit will accept conducting this course in person at least once per year (preferably in Spring or Summer). Staff members do not need to have GES completed prior to joining the Cadet Staff but shall complete it, as required, on the annual training cycle. 


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