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Section 6 | Emphasis on Cadet-Led Training

Unit Training Plan & Goals


6.1  Cadets as Trainers

It is the intent of cadet training at the squadron to be primary cadet-led, with the Cadet Detachment Cadre utilized in a facilitation and mentoring capacity rather than direct instructors of cadet-focused subjects. 

Cadets are preferred to be the primary trainers for: 

  • Cadet Airman and Cadet NCO-focused leadership subjects

  • Drill and ceremony instruction

  • Safety Education (applicable to the entire squadron, including senior members)

Cadre members are preferred as the primary trainers and mentors for:

Aerospace Education, Character Development, and field training-focused subjects are preferred to be a combination of Cadre- and cadet-led instructional sessions, with Cadre members serving as technical experts while cadets serve as training facilitators/leaders. 


6.2  Training Debriefs

Following each training session, Cadre members should ensure that cadet instructors—as assigned to each training session—are debriefed. The debrief should focus on developing interpersonal relationships between staff members and aid in the development of staff cadets to be better mentors of subordinate cadets, particularly in regard to lower-ranking cadet airmen. 


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