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Section 5 | Cadet Activities

Unit Training Plan & Goals


5.1  Intended Activities

Each year, the squadron intends to conduct at least one of each of the following activities: 


5.2  Dining In

Dining In is traditionally conducted between January and March as the year's kick-off social dinner. 

The event is designed to develop a greater esprit de corps amongst cadets and senior members and to provide experience to the Cadet Staff in the planning of morale-focused activities. 


5.3  Field Training Exercises

The unit's annual FTX is traditionally conducted between July and September to provide a practical application of leadership and small unit tactical subject matter learned throughout the course of the year and months following the previous year's FTX. Focus content includes: 

  • Planning and evaluation by senior Cadet Staff members

  • Command-level leadership for mission operations

  • Operational support functions

  • First aid and self-care

  • Small units tactics and maneuvering (squad-level leadership)


5.4  Field Trips

The unit generally conducts an annual, single-day field trip, traditionally scheduled for the Spring and Summer months. This field trip is usually conducted in conjunction with the AEX Award criteria to conduct a 2-hour activity with an aviation/aerospace emphasis (e.g., trip to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, visiting the Cleveland National Air Show, etc.). 

Field trips are encouraged to be conducted in a pattern that makes them different from the previous year's experience to avoid redundancies and a lack of interest in seeing the same site again. 


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