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Section 3 | Annual Unit Training Plan

Unit Training Plan & Goals


3.1  Training Plan Overview

The squadron's annual training plan has a forward outlook on training conduct from January through December of the calendar year. 

NOTE: The unit uses the QCUA and AEX Award criteria to develop metrics for the annual training plan. The QCUA period is observed from September through August. The AEX Award period is observed from October through September; thus, the unit shall forecast the accomplishment of QCUA and AEX objectives by the end of September with the activity season based on January "season start." This provides a 3-month buffer from the preceding calendar year to reassess and support the unit's metrics. 

The unit's annual training plan is developed with the following considerations: 

  • Compliance with CAP Cadet Program element contact requirements (CAPR 60-1, Section 4.3)

  • Cadet activity and leadership opportunities

  • Recruiting and training of new cadets

  • Professional development for Cadet Programs Officers


3.2  Training Schedules

The annual training outlook is produced on a master spreadsheet-based schedule to forecast important training and activity dates for the following calendar year. The outlook for the next year's schedule is preferably held during the preceding summer and reviewed again in the last fall to make any necessary changes prior to the start of the new year. 

The unit's methodology for developing training plans incorporates logic from the U.S. military's Eight-Step Training Model, used by strategic planning staffs, which is designed to be executed under the U.S. Army's small unit mission implementation process of the Troop Leaders Procedures (TLPs), used by platoon/flight-sized echelons and subordinate elements. 

Monthly training schedules are produced and distributed with the inclusion of an hour-and-minute-based outline of each weekly meeting's events. These schedules are produced based on the master spreadsheet's wide-scale outlook in support of seasonal/period-based objectives. It is preferred that these schedules are produced no later than 12 weeks (90 days) out to support the Eight-Step Training Model in developing and executing training plans. 


3.3  Staff Planning Meetings

Cadet Detachment staff planning meetings, intended to be attended by the Cadre and senior Cadet Staff members, are preferably held every month to monitor unit progress and amend training agendas as well as to review goals and modify plans, as necessary. 


3.4  Quarterly Strategic Recap Meetings

The unit must conduct quarterly reviews of its Cadet Programs objectives and initiatives in order to ensure that training plans are on-track, effective, and purposeful in meeting the unit's annual goals. These meetings should be attended by the Cadre and Cadet Command Staff members. Additional cadet officer attendance is encouraged. 


3.5  Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

The unit shall conduct an annual meeting to review strategic training goals and objectives to measure the effectiveness of programs from the previous year-to-date and develop a plan of action for the remainder of the existing year and entire following calendar year. This meeting shall be used to review the Unit Training Plan and make updates, as appropriate. This meeting should be attended by the Cadre and all Cadet Staff members. 


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