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Unit Training Plan & Goals


This training plan serves to present the unit's expectations for the successful implementation of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, as intended to satisfy the requirements of CAP Cadet Program regulations and unit inspection requirements. This plan is updated regularly, as needed. 



Civil Air Patrol Regulation (CAPR) 60-1 Cadet Program Management, Section 4.2 Unit Goals requires cadet units to establish annual goals that describe the activities, projects, and new endeavors which the unit plans to accomplish each year in support of its local Cadet Program implementation. 

Squadron goals must incorporate each element of the CAP Cadet Program: 

  • Leadership

  • Aerospace

  • Fitness

  • Character

Goals must be specific and measurable against the unit's performance metrics from the previous year. The unit must review its goals quarterly to monitor activity progress and analyze the successful accomplish of these objectives. 


Section 1 | Minimum Program Scheduling Requirements

1.1  Monthly Contact Requirements
1.2  Safety Education
1.3  "Weekend" Activities
1.4  Web-Based Calendars
1.5  Parent-Focused Activity Notifications

Section 2 | External Unit Awards & Accomplishments

2.1  Awards Overview
2.2  Quality Cadet Unit Award
2.3  Air Force Education Excellence Award

Section 3 | Annual Unit Training Plan

3.1  Training Plan Overview
3.2  Training Schedules
3.3  Staff Planning Meetings
3.4  Quarterly Strategic Recap Meetings
3.5  Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

Section 4 | Annual Unit Objectives

4.1  Objectives Overview
4.2  Cadet Protection
4.3  Senior Member Professional Development
4.4  Cadet Recruiting & Visitation
4.5  Basic Cadet Training Overview

Section 5 | Cadet Activities

5.1  Intended Activities
5.2  Dining In
5.3  Field Training Exercises
5.4  Field Trips

Section 6 | Emphasis on Cadet-Led Training

6.1  Cadets as Trainers
6.2  Training Debriefs
6.3  Activity Debriefs

Section 7 | Cadet Training Objectives

7.1  Training Philosophy
7.2  Cadet Performance
7.3  Cadet Staffing
7.4  Drill as a Training Tool

Section 8 | Cadet Progression & Promotions

8.1  Formal Feedback & Review Boards
8.2  Informal Feedback

Section 9 | Cadet Recognition Programs

9.1  Program Overview
9.2  Cadet of the Quarter
9.3  Airman of the Quarter
9.4  Air Force Association Award ("Cadet of the Year")
9.5  Cadet Cyber Badges
9.6  Cadet STEM Badges


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