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Cadet Detachment Training Schedules

Responsibility and Approval

The S3 shall be responsible for the administrative tasks associated with the development, coordination, and distribution of Cadet Detachment training schedules.

Training schedules shall be approved by the Cadet Commander.

Training schedules shall be ready for approval at least 3 months from the start of the month of execution (e.g., schedule approved no later than January 31 for the upcoming May).


Development of Training Schedules

Training schedules shall reflect Civil Air Patrol standards (in accordance with CAP Regulation 60-1 Cadet Program Management, Section 4 Cadet Operations) for the Cadet Detachment’s fulfilment of required training hours.

The S3 shall coordinate with the Cadet Staff to develop long-term training plan outlines to ensure that training is conducted in accordance with unit goals, strategic objectives, and seasonal logistical challenges (i.e., training location, calendar conflicts, training subjects, etc.).

The S3 shall coordinate with instructors to-be-assigned to ensure availability prior to final schedule development and approval.

Schedules ready for approval shall be presented to the Cadet Commander for final sign-off. Revisions shall be made at the direction of the Cadet Commander until acceptable. Approved schedules are considered “final” unless critical changes must be made later (e.g., last-minute changes to training plans, absent personnel, etc.).


Distribution of Approved Training Schedules

The S3 shall distribute approved schedules (in .PDF file format) to:

  • The Cadet Detachment Cadre

  • The Cadet Command Staff

  • Flight Commanders

  • Cadet Support Staff (Mission Support Staff)

The S3 shall brief newly approved training schedules, or changes to previously approved training schedules, during appropriate staff meetings.

Flight Commanders shall disseminate pertinent information within the Flight to ensure that all flight personnel are aware of upcoming meeting events, denoting significant changes from standard practices (e.g., off-site training to be occurring, activity sign-ups or special paperwork required).


Archiving of Training Schedules

Electronic copies of training schedules shall be retained in the Cadet Detachment’s Google Shared Drive (login required).

Schedules shall be retained indefinitely for historical reference.

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