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  • Personal Development — Preparing yourself to be a competent leader
    • Taking the Initiative
      Meet your boss' expectations and demonstrate your willingness to the successful accomplish of assigned tasks

  • Officership & Staff Management — Leading others as a subordinate commander, staffer, and mentor
    • The One-Thirds, Two-Thirds Rule 
      Understand how to best manage your planning timeline and allow your staff to prepare themselves for upcoming missions

    • The Troop Leading Procedure
      Model your mission planning to provide the most effective planning cycle while adequately using your time available

  • Planning & Tactics — Maximize the effectiveness of your ability to develop and execute the mission
    • Introduction to Plans and Orders
      A fundamental overview of how mission intent and tasks are communicated to subordinate forces

    • Operation Orders
      Presenting your mission in a structured format that your subordinates can follow to accomplish their objectives


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & "How-To" Guides


Approved Plans for Reference  (*Ohio Wing email login required for access to Google-hosted files)


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