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Cadet Testing

This submission form is for cadets to request testing. 

Input your request using the selections below. Enter any additional comments as appropriate (e.g., testing accommodations requested). 

Requests to conduct testing should be made no less than 7 days prior to the preferred testing date. 


For Drill Testing:  Cadets should review the Learn to Lead Drill & Ceremonies Practical Tests (CAPP 60-34) standards prior to requesting their drill test to ensure that they are ready and prepared to conduct the test. Reviewing the Cadet Drill Guide (a.k.a. "Pocket Guide") is strongly recommended. 

For Leadership Testing:  Downloadable Learn to Lead chapters are available here. Downloads are available in: 

  • Combined volume chapters (PDF)
  • Separated chapters (PDF)
  • Audio chapters

    Hardcover textbooks are available for purchase through Vanguard (Refer to corresponding Volume numbers and SKU Codes)
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