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S6 Communications

The squadron S6 serves as the principal Communications-Electronics (CE) specialist in support of cadet training operations.



  • Information Technology and Communications programs — The S6 ensures the implementation of Information Technology (IT) and Communications programs within the Cadet Detachment by supporting unit IT needs and coordinating radio communications training and qualification. Radio communications training and qualification should be coordinated through the S3. The S6 is supported by the Squadron Communications Officer in these duties.

  • Communications equipment — The S6 is responsible for the distribution, training, use, and collection of communications equipment. Procurement of such materials should be coordinated with the S4. The S6 coordinates and monitors the use of Communications-Electronics (CE) equipment (i.e. radios) during activities, to include the establishment of call signs and code words/phrases. The S6 also assists cadets in the use of CE equipment during activities as needed.


Reports to:

Cadet Commander

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