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S4 Logistics

The squadron S4 serves as the principal supply management specialist in respect to Cadet Detachment operations. 



  • Activity logistics — The S4 procures and coordinates logistical needs in support of cadet activities. The S4 is supported by the squadron Logistics Officer (LGO) in these duties.

  • Equipment and supplies — The S4 is responsible for the distribution, condition, and return of equipment during cadet activities. 

  • Activity transportation planning — The S4 coordinates transportation for unit activities by setting and distributing vehicle assignments and developing route plans. Vehicle requests are made through the LGO, and route plans should be communicated to the S3 to be included in activity Operation Orders.

  • Facility management — The S4 provides oversight of the scheduling, use, and maintenance of facilities used in support of squadron activities. "Facilities" include permanent structures (buildings) and temporary structures (tents, portable restrooms, etc.). The S4 is supported by the LGO in this duty, and financial needs are coordinated with the S8 and Squadron Finance Officer.

  • Facility cleanliness — The S4 ensures the cleanliness of facilities following squadron use by providing oversight of unit cleanup efforts and procurement of cleaning equipment.


Reports to:

Cadet Commander

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