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S3 Operations & Training

The squadron S3 serves as the principal staff specialist in oversight of the unit's critical training agenda. 



  • Monthly Training Schedule construction — The S3 provides the unit with monthly information on upcoming training activities by constructing monthly training schedules to be approved by the Cadet Commander and distributed to the unit's Cadet Staff.

  • Training Session and instructor preparation — The S3 ensures that assigned instructors are thoroughly prepared to conduct effective training sessions by reviewing associated materials and training Courses of Action (CoA) to ensure their alignment with unit training goals. The S3 also facilitates rehearsals by Cadet Staff and training instructors to ensure unit readiness in the execution of upcoming activities.

  • Operation Order construction — The S3 provides the unit with information on weekly unit training and other unit activities by constructing Operation Orders (OPORD) to be approved by the Cadet Commander and distributed to the unit's Cadet Staff. The S3 coordinates with the S1, S2, and S4 to ensure current administrative, safety, and logistical information are included in each OPORD.

  • Facilitation of Cadet Staff Meetings, OPORD Briefings, and After Action Reviews — The S3 facilitates pre-activity Cadet Staff Meetings and OPORD briefings to ensure staff readiness in upcoming activities, and conducts post-activity After Action Reviews (AAR) to record activity successes and items to improve for future activities. Activity OPORDs and AARs are logged in the unit's Google Drive for future reference and recordkeeping.


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Cadet Commander

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