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S2 Intelligence & Safety

The squadron S2 serves as the cadet corps' principal specialist in intelligence-information gathering and safety-security management. 



  • Terrain analysis, light data, and weather — The S2 provides intelligence support for operations planning by providing analyses of terrain (Areas of Operation), lighting and weather conditions, and how each impacts the success of operations. 

  • Maps and navigational tools — The S2 is responsible for the distribution, training, use, and collections of maps, map reading tools, and navigational equipment (compasses, protractors, etc.). Procurement of such materials should be coordinated with the S4

  • Safety risk management — The S2 performs safety risk management (SRM) for cadet activities by reviewing upcoming operations plans and orders to conduct an analysis on the hazards which may require mitigation to prevent injury, illness, or damage to property. The S2 works in conjunction with the unit's Safety Officer to accomplish safety analysis of cadet operations. 

  • Safety Education — The S2 supports the squadron's requirement to conduct monthly Safety Education (SE) in conjunction with the unit's Safety Officer, who maintains oversight of the squadron's SE compliance element. The S2 should ensure that squadron SE maintains applicability to cadet operations. 

  • Safety briefings — The S2 ensures that cadet activity leaders perform appropriate, essential safety briefings prior to executing cadet operations. 


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