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S1 Personnel & Administration

The S1 serves as the principal administrative specialist for the cadet corps. 



  • Awards and promotions — The S1 prepares squadron-level cadet award and promotion certificates to be presented at ceremonial events. The S1 coordinates with the S4 to arrange for the presentation of award and promotion materials (badge, insignia, ribbon, etc.). The S1 must also coordinate with the recipient and S3 in order to appropriately schedule award and promotion presentations. 

  • Rosters and organizational charts — The S1 maintains unit rosters and ensures that associated attendance trackers are updated to reflect current unit member lists. The S1 also maintains and updates unit organizational charts to provide a clear delineation of lines of reporting. 

  • Forms and administrative paperwork — The S1 produces and distributes activity sign-up forms, monitoring the status of sign-up rosters, and supports the collection of activity paperwork (permission slips, etc.). 

  • Meal and rest schedules — The S1 coordinates with the S3 and S4 to ensure that cadets are scheduled for and receive adequate meals and rest accommodations, as appropriate, during squadron special activities. 

  • Personnel tracking — The S1 maintains the unit's Cadet of the Quarter award program tracker, logging cadet participation and accomplishments in eligibility for receiving Cadet Programs awards.


Reports to:

Cadet Commander

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