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Flight Sergeant

Flight Sergeants are the senior cadet non-commissioned officer in each flight, serving as the echelon leader under the direction of the Flight Commander.



  • Maintaining flight accountability, discipline, organization, and uniformity during activities — The Flight Sergeant provides direct supervision and oversight of the flight. The Flight Sergeant ensures that cadet airmen are educated, trained, and well-versed in general CAP knowledge, skills, and core aspects of "cadet life." The Flight Sergeant advises the Flight Commander on issues within the flight and assists in addressing matters before they escalate. 

  • Mentoring Element Leaders in their duties — The Flight Sergeant maintains direct oversight of subordinate Element Leaders in their day-to-day management of their assigned cadet airmen. Flight Sergeants must develop and maintain strong working relationships with their Element Leaders to ensure effective training "down the chain" to the junior-most cadets. Flight Sergeants must coordinate regularly with the Cadet First Sergeant to establish and effectively execute cadet NCO mentoring programs. 

  • Instructing cadets on drill and ceremonies — The Flight Sergeant works with the Flight Commander and Cadet First Sergeant to establish drill instruction plans in accomplishment of CAP drill requirements for cadet advancement. Flight Sergeants generally serve as frontline drill and ceremonies instructors for the flight during squadron training meetings.


Reporting Lines


Minimum Grade Required

Cadet Staff Sergeant (*Maximum grade of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant)

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