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Flight Commander

Flight Commanders serve as the cadet officers-in-charge of the training echelons within the Cadet Detachment designed to implement training programming structured for junior, non-staff cadets (Phase 1). 



  • Oversight of all activities conducted within the flight
  • Communicating the Cadet Commander's intent for operations within the flight to ensure the success of unit activities
  • Advisor to the Cadet Commander on the state of morale and readiness of cadets assigned to the flight
  • Monitoring the performance of cadets assigned to the flight in respect to their progression and promotion within the ranks
  • Assignment of cadets to subordinate elements, appointing cadets to serve as Element Leaders
  • Assisting other cadet staff members in coordinative efforts when planning activities
  • Mentoring subordinate cadets in the principles of leadership
  • Ensuring that cadets participate when advanced opportunities are available 
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