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Flight Commander

Flight Commanders serve as the cadet officers-in-charge of the training echelons within the Cadet Detachment which consist of the cadet airman corps



  • Oversight of all activities conducted within the flight — The Flight Commander provides direction for cadets assigned to the flight by working through the Flight Sergeant to conduct training operations and manage cadet airmen in alignment with the Cadet Commander's Intent and Command Philosophy.

  • Monitoring the performance of cadets assigned to the flight and advising the Cadet Commander on the state of flight morale and readiness — The Flight Commander regularly reviews the performance of the flight by assessing and evaluating subordinate cadets in respect to their progression and promotion within the cadet airmen grades. The Flight Commander provides tactical advisement to the Cadet Commander as to the competency of the flight in meeting unit standards and preparedness for upcoming operations. 

  • Assignment of cadets to subordinate elements, appointing cadets to serve as Element Leaders — The Flight Commander maintains the organizational structure of the flight by working with the Cadet Commander and Flight Sergeant to assign Element Leaders to manage cadet airmen during unit operations. The Flight Commander works through the Flight Sergeant to provide oversight to assigned Element Leaders. 

  • Mentoring the Flight Sergeant in their day-to-day duties — The Flight Commander provides oversight of the Flight Sergeant while delegating tasks to accomplish the tactical goals of the flight. The Flight Commander coordinates regularly with the Cadet First Sergeant to ensure that the Flight Sergeant is receiving adequate mentoring as an up-and-coming cadet non-commissioned officer. 


Reporting Lines


Minimum Grade Required

Cadet Master Sergeant (*Preferred grade of Cadet Second Lieutenant)


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