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Element Leader

Element Leaders serve as "team leaders" for the smallest echelon of each flight, providing critical support for newer cadet members as they "settle in" to Civil Air Patrol cadet life. 



  • Assisting the Flight Sergeant in the management and supervision of the flight — Element Leaders provide frontline oversight of their assigned cadet airmen and offer direction and guidance to accomplish flight goals. Element Leaders should be ensuring that their cadets are on time, in the correct location, properly equipped, and ready to conduct activities. 

  • Instructing subordinate cadets in the basic fundamentals of cadet life, to include navigation of regulations, manuals, and other resources — Element Leaders serve as a fundamental guide and knowledge base for cadet airmen as they develop themselves as up-and-coming leaders in CAP. Element Leaders are expected to be versed in applicable CAP regulations and training materials in order to best assist newer cadets as they rapidly progress and advance through the Cadet Program. 

  • Support drill and ceremonies instruction — Element Leaders support drill and ceremonies instruction by becoming experienced in drill subject matter and providing direction during unit formations and training activities to cadet airmen. Flight Sergeants will expect Element Leaders to be prepared to assist with instructing upcoming drill modules and ensure that cadets are properly exercising drill maneuvers during ceremonial events. 

  • Mentoring subordinate cadets as new members of CAP, to include uniform wear, attendance processes, and other related matters — Element Leaders provide direct instruction to cadet airmen on the professional expectations of CAP cadets. Element Leaders are expected to portray themselves as proper examples for uniform wear, conduct, military bearing, and the application of appropriate customs and courtesies.


Reporting Lines

  • Reports to:  Flight Sergeant

  • Direct subordinate reports:  Cadet airmen, as assigned


Minimum Grade Required

Cadet Airman (*Maximum grade of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant)

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