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Cadet First Sergeant

The Cadet First Sergeant serves as the senior cadet non-commissioned officer within the cadet corps. The Cadet First Sergeant reports to the Cadet Commander and serves as the principal cadet mentor for the cadet NCO corps. The Cadet First Sergeant also maintains responsibility for the unit's Colors and ceremonial affairs. 



  • Advising the Cadet Commander on the state of morale, discipline, and readiness of the squadron's cadet corps
  • Accountability for personnel during squadron activities and training events
  • Oversight of the cadet corps' fitness training and physical readiness 
  • Oversight of drill and ceremonies training programming
  • Cadet discipline in coordination with the Cadet Commander and Cadre
  • Command of the unit's Color Guard team, when activated 
  • Maintenance of unit Colors, flags, guidons, and drill equipment
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