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Cadet First Sergeant

The Cadet First Sergeant serves as the senior cadet non-commissioned officer within the cadet corps and as the principal cadet mentor for cadet NCOs. The Cadet First Sergeant also maintains responsibility for the unit's Colors and ceremonial affairs. 



  • Advising the Cadet Commander on the state of morale, discipline, and readiness of the squadron's cadet corps — The Cadet First Sergeant serves as the principal link between the Cadet Commander and the cadet NCO corps. The Cadet First Sergeant accounts for personnel during squadron activities by ensuring that cadet discipline, professional conduct, and positive attitudes are maintained at all times. 

  • Administration of cadet NCO mentoring, counseling, and disciplinary action — The Cadet First Sergeant coordinates with the Cadet Commander to establish mentoring programs for up-and-coming cadet leaders within the cadet NCO and cadet airman corps. It is imperative for the Cadet First Sergeant to build strong relationships with their cadet NCO protégés in order to effectively manage and mentor subordinate cadet airmen in their personal and professional development. The Cadet First Sergeant works closely with Flight Sergeants to ensure adequate and effective mentoring of cadet airmen assigned to Cadet Detachment flights. 

  • Oversight of the cadet corps' fitness training and physical readiness — The Cadet First Sergeant maintains command oversight of the Cadet Detachment's physical training program to ensure that cadets meet and exceed CAP's physical fitness standards (in respect to cadet advancement). The Cadet First Sergeant oversees the planning and execution of physical training meetings, fitness games, and related educational programming. 

  • Oversight of drill and ceremonies training programming — The Cadet First Sergeant oversees cadet drill instruction by working with cadet NCOs to effectively train and educate the cadet corps in CAP formations, drill maneuvers, and execution of ceremonies.

  • Maintenance of unit Colors, flags, guidons, and drill equipment — The Cadet First Sergeant serves as the cadet NCO-in-charge of squadron heraldry and equipment to ensure the success of ceremonial events and esprit de corps. The Cadet First Sergeant also serves in command of the unit's Color Guard team, when activated. 


Reports to:

Cadet Commander


Minimum Grade Required

Cadet Master Sergeant (*Maximum grade of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant)


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