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Cadet Commander

The Cadet Commander serves as the cadet officer-in-charge of the unit's cadet corps. 



  • Executive oversight of all cadet activities within the squadron — The Cadet Commander provides strategic direction for cadet training operations by setting Cadet Detachment goals and initiatives. This is accomplished by establishing a vision which provides meaningful direction and guidance which aligns with the squadron Commander's Intent and Command Philosophy

  • Mentoring for other cadet officers — The Cadet Commander seeks to educate, develop, and improve cadet officers in their leadership performance to build a corps of cadet leaders who can continue to train and mentor subordinate cadets as they progress through the program. 

  • Supervision, guidance, and direction over all subordinate cadet commanders and the Cadet First Sergeant during squadron activities — The Cadet Commander maintains command and control of cadet operations by establishing planning timelines and overseeing the execution of activities to ensure successful training and the accomplishment of assigned objectives by the cadet corps. The Cadet Commander delegates authority throughout the chain of command to effectively manage and direct the cadet corps. 

  • Assignment of tasks and suspenses (deadlines) for cadet staff members — The Cadet Commander manages the cadet staff by facilitating planning meetings and other committee-based discussions to monitor the unit's progress toward achieving goals. The Cadet Commander monitors staff activities by assigning related tasks to functional areas (i.e., staff offices) to coordinate and complete mission-critical actions. 

  • Recommendations to the squadron Commander regarding cadet staff assignments — The Cadet Commander is responsible for managing the cadet staff in their assigned roles and works closely with the squadron Commander to ensure an effective and productive Cadet Detachment organizational concept. 

  • Feedback to the squadron Commander for cadet promotions and disciplinary actions — The Cadet Commander supports the Cadet Detachment's feedback program by engaging regularly with subordinate leaders in regard to cadet performance deficiencies and areas of positive performance. The Cadet Commander ensures that subordinate commanders and frontline leaders are participatory in cadet promotion review boards, awards programs, disciplinary counseling sessions, and other avenues in which feedback is solicited and shared throughout the Cadet Detachment.


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Cadet Second Lieutenant

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