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Cadet Staff Duties

Cadet Command Staff

Cadet Commander (C/CC)

  • Reports to the Deputy Commander for Cadets (Cadre)
  • Responsible for all cadet activities within the squadron
  • Serves as the principal mentor for other cadet officers
  • Supervises, guides, and directs all subordinate cadet commanders, and the Cadet First Sergeant during squadron activities
  • Assigns tasks for cadet staffs and creates suspense dates for task completion 
  • Establishes the vision and sets goals to point the squadron in a meaningful direction
  • Makes recommendations to the Cadre regarding cadet staff assignments
  • Provides feedback to the Cadre for cadet promotions and disciplinary actions 
  • Serves a link between the squadron's cadet corps and Cadre


Cadet Deputy Commander (C/CD)

  • Reports to the Cadet Commander
  • Assumes command of cadet activities in the absence of the Cadet Commander
  • Serves as the Second-in-Command of cadet activities and assists in oversees event coordination and management 
  • Serves as the "Chief of Staff" for the Mission Support Staff to ensure staffs are on-task and focused 
  • Links subordinate staffs to the Cadet Commander and communicates the Cadet Commander's vision during coordinating efforts 


Cadet First Sergeant (C/CCF)

  • Reports to the Cadet Commander
  • Serves as the the principal advisor to the Cadet Commander on the state of morale, discipline, and readiness of the squadron's cadet corps
  • Accounts for personnel during squadron activities and training events 
  • Oversees the fitness training and physical readiness of the cadet corps 
  • Oversees the unit's drill and ceremonies training program
  • Works with Flight Commanders and Flight Sergeants to ensure cadets are equipped, groomed, and wear uniforms properly 
  • Assists in addressing disciplinary matters under the supervision of the Cadet Commander and Cadre 
  • Serves as the commander of the unit's color guard team, when activated 
  • Maintains unit Colors, flags, and guidons 


Mission Support Staff

Personnel & Administration (S1)

  • Provides administrative support for the squadron's cadet corps
  • Prepares and maintains unit rosters and organizational charts 
  • Assists the Cadre in preparing certificates and organizing ceremonies to present awards and promotions 
  • Assists in managing activity sign-up forms and the collection of paperwork (permission slips, etc.) 
  • Arranges meal and rest schedules during squadron events, when applicable 
  • Assist in tracking and reviewing cadet performance evaluations with the Cadet Command Staff


Intelligence & Safety (S2)

  • Provides terrain analysis, light data, and weather data for cadet activity planning 
  • Oversees the distribution, training, use, and collection of maps and map reading/navigational tools (compasses, protractors, etc.)
  • Assists the unit Safety Officer in performing risk management for activities 
  • Assists the unit Safety Officer in performing monthly Safety Education as it relates to unit operations 
  • Ensures that safety briefings are conducted prior to cadet executing operations 
  • Serves as the advisor and liaison for the unit's CyberPatriot Competition team 


Operations & Training (S3)

Primary S3: 
  • Prepares and distributes Cadet Detachment training and activity schedules
  • Coordinates details of events with key staffs to ensure all participants are aware and ready to execute their respective functions/roles 
  • Prepares Operations Orders and other correspondence to facilitate cadet training operations 
  • Ensures training rehearsals are conducted by instructors and key staffs prior to activity execution 
  • Provides training briefings before activity execution 
  • Oversees the conduct of After-Action Reviews following activity conclusion 
Assistant S3, Aerospace Education: 
  • Coordinates the scheduling of aerospace/STEM-related classes and activities 
  • Assists the unit Aerospace Education Officer in facilitating related subject matter 
  • Mentors cadets struggling in aerospace progression in relation to promotion criteria (i.e., testing) 
  • Serves as the advisor and liaison for the unit's StellarXplorers Competition team


Logistics (S4)

  • Procures and coordinates logistical needs in support of cadet activities, with the assistance of the unit Logistics and Supply Officers 
  • Distributes and accounts for unit equipment and supplies during cadet activities 
  • Assists in preparing and reviewing budget statements for activities 
  • Arranges for transportation, as needed, in support of events 
  • Oversees the scheduling, use, and maintenance of facilities used in support of squadron activities, to include permanent structures (i.e., buildings) and temporary structures (i.e., tents, portable restrooms, etc.) 
  • Ensures that activity sites are clean and orderly following squadron use 


Plans & Programs (S5)

Primary S5: 
  • Advises the Cadet Commander on the progress of unit operations and planning against milestones and suspense dates 
  • Monitors long-term planning activities for significant events and projects 
  • Maintains internal unit calendars and project trackers 
  • Serves as the advisor and liaison between the unit's cadet corps and other units when conducting joint activities 
  • Communicates external cadet opportunities (e.g., Encampment, Cadet Special Activities, etc.) and assists cadets in registering to participate 
  • Supports the unit's Recruiting & Retention program by encouraging the planning and participation in fun, challenging, and rewarding cadet activities 
Assistant S5, Public Affairs: 
  • Assists the unit's Public Affairs Officer in maintaining and updating squadron social media websites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Maintains the unit's web-based calendar
  • Assists in the photography/videography of unit activities 
  • Supports the unit's Recruiting & Retention program by sharing media related to unit activities and cadet accomplishments


Communications (S6)

  • Assists the unit's Information Technology Officer and Communications Officer in the implementation of related programs
  • Monitors and assists cadets in the use of Communications-Electronics equipment during activities 
  • Coordinates the use of radios during activities, to include the establishment of call signs and code words/phrases 
  • Assists the Communications Officer in conducting radio communications training and qualification 


Flight Staff (Operations Staff)

Flight Commander (FLT/CC)

  • Responsible for all activities conducted within the flight 
  • Communications the cadet commander's intent for operations within the flight to ensure success of unit activities 
  • Advises the Cadet Commander on the morale and readiness of cadets assigned to the flight 
  • Monitors the performance of cadets assigned to the flight in regard to progression and promotion within the ranks 
  • Assigns cadets to elements and appoints cadets to serve as Element Leaders 
  • Assists other cadet staffs in coordinative efforts when planning activities
  • Mentors subordinate cadets in leadership principles and ensures cadets participate when advanced opportunities are available 


Flight Sergeant (FLT/SGT)

  • Reports to the Flight Commander
  • Responsible for maintaining flight accountability, discipline, organization, and uniformity during activities 
  • Mentors subordinate cadets in their roles as junior leaders in the program 
  • Instructs cadets on drill and ceremonies, working closely with the First Sergeant to implement related training curricula 
  • Advises the Flight Commander on issues within the flight and assists in addressing matters before they escalate 
  • Coach and counsel cadets to provide regular performance feedback, assisting the First Sergeant to address disciplinary concerns 
  • Encourages cadets to progress and to explore other opportunities beyond "squadron life" 


Element Leader (EL)

  • Reports to the Flight Sergeant
  • Instructs subordinate cadets in the basic fundamentals of "cadet life," to include navigation of regulations, manuals, and other resources 
  • Assists the Flight Sergeant in drill and ceremonies instruction
  • Mentors subordinate cadets as new members of Civil Air Patrol, to include uniform wear, attendance processes, and other related matters 
  • Accounts for subordinate cadets during events, ensuring cadets are on time, in the correct location, properly equipped, and ready to conduct activities


Cadet Commander's Special Staff

Cadet Leadership Officer (C/LO)

  • Reports to the Cadet Commander
  • Oversees the cadet training curriculum, to include the preparation and coordination of class training subject matter
  • Ensures the preparation and readiness of class instructors, mentoring instructors as necessary to ensure courses are taught competently and effectively 
  • Ensure that class subject matter emphasizes cadet productivity with a special emphasis on cadet promotions and progression within the program 
  • Consults with senior member Cadre on Cadet Program shortcomings, and engages with the Cadet Commander to realign the unit's vision to improve "cadet life"
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