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Flight Commander, A. FLT

Cadet Second Lieutenant Sergeant Spencer T. York



Cadet York joined Civil Air Patrol in October 2019 and is a graduate of Basic Cadet Training Class 02-19. Since then, Cadet York has served as a Training Instructor for Basic Cadet Training Class 01-20 as well as Flight Sergeant and First Sergeant. He is also a two-time participant of the unit's StellarXplorers Competition team. Cadet York participated as a squadron represented to the Ohio Wing Cadet Advisory Council from 2021-2022.

Cadet York is a senior-grade homeschooled student and currently takes classes through Cleveland State University. 


Education & Training

2019, Graduate, Basic Cadet Training Class 02-19
2020, Basic Cadet Training Instructor, Class 01-20
2022, Joint Field Training Exercise "Rebuild Promise," Platoon Leader


Awards & Honors

2020, Basic Cadet S.T.E.M. Badge
2021, Crisis Service Award
2022, Air Force Association Award
2022, Air Force Sergeants Association Award
2023, Achievement Award

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