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Cadet Commander

Cadet Colonel Zurich A. Begin




Cadet Begin joined Civil Air Patrol in April 2019 and is a graduate of Basic Cadet Training Class 01-19. Since then, he has served in a multitude of roles, to include Senior Training Instructor for Basic Cadet Training Class 01-20, First Sergeant, Cadet Operations Officer, Cadet Plans & Programs Officer, Flight Commander, and Cadet Deputy Commander. He is a two-time participant on the unit's StellarXplorers Competition team. Cadet Begin also serves as a member of Ohio Wing's Cadet Programs team as the Cadet Activities Officer. He was recognized as Ohio Wing's Cadet Officer of the Year for the 2021 training year. Cadet Begin was again recognized for his performance during the 2022 training year as Ohio Wing's Cadet Officer of the Year. 

At the age of 15 years, 10 months, Cadet Begin became the youngest cadet to have earned the General Carl A. Spaatz Award, Civil Air Patrol's highest cadet achievement which accompanies a cadet's promotion to the grade of Cadet Colonel, the highest a cadet can accomplish within the cadet promotion track. 

Cadet Begin is a 16 year-old graduate of Medina High School in Medina, Ohio and currently attends Kent State University as an Architecture major. 


Education & Training

2019, Graduate, Basic Cadet Training Class 01-19
2019, Graduate, Ohio Wing Encampment
2019, Basic Cadet Training Instructor, Class 02-19
2019, Senior Training Instructor, Basic Cadet Training Class 01-20
2021, Joint Field Training Exercise "Firewing," Platoon Leader
2022, Great Lakes Region Cadet Leadership School
2022, Space Force Operations Academy
2022, Joint Field Training Exercise "Rebuild Promise," Cadet Officer-in-Charge


Awards & Honors

2019, Veterans of Foreign Wars Outstanding Cadet Noncommissioned Officer of the Year
2020, Basic Cadet S.T.E.M. Badge
2020, Intermediate Cadet S.T.E.M. Badge
2021, Air Force Association Award
2021, Wing Commander's Commendation
2021, Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award
2021, Crisis Service Award
2021, Veterans of Foreign Wars Outstanding Cadet Officer of the Year
2021, Ohio Wing Cadet Officer of the Year
2022, Wing Commander's Commendation
2022, Wing Commander's Commendation
2022, Ohio Wing Cadet of the Year
2023, Wing Commander's Commendation


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