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Cadet Testing

For the purposes of the information below, "testing" refers to academic tests (aerospace and leadership), not drill or fitness tests. 

Cadets should use the Cadet Testing Request form to requests all tests. Do not use your chain of command to request testing, as it can create undue delays in your request. The request form will notify the appropriate senior members and cadet staff members of your need to test. 


Where can I take my online tests?

Online testing can be accessed in the AXIS Learning Management System in eServices(Login is required for access)

Look for the Cadet Interactive Modules courses in the catalog. Remember that online quizzes (non-milestones) are open-book but may be timed. The intent is to study the material to understand the subject matter, not to complete the test as quickly as possible by word-searching through online material. 

Non-milestone courses and quizzes are completed at your discretion at a time that is convenient for you. 


Can special accommodations be made for taking my test?

Special accommodations include alterations made to the testing program. These may include allowing for additional time, using paper testing instead of online/virtual exams, having tests read verbally aloud, and other accommodations that cadets may need. 

Accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis and must be arranged with your parents. The Cadet Detachment Cadre must talk with your parents before modifying testing parameters. 

Special accommodations should be arranged at least a week in advance of your preferred testing date to provide adequate time and planning. 


What happens if I fail a test?

If you fail a test, you must wait at least 7 days before you may take the test again. 

If you fail an online test, the system will lock you out until 7 days have passed, at which time you may make another attempt. If you fail an online test for the second time, for that specific test, the system will lock you out until a senior member unlocks the test for you. 


I failed a test because there was a glitch (system timed out, internet failure, etc.). What do I do?

If you believe the failure was in error due to issues beyond your control, contact a senior member and inform them of the issue. They will make the determination if it appropriate to unlock the test for a reattempt. 


I am ready to take a milestone test. How can I schedule that?

Milestone tests are arranged by requesting the test using the Cadet Testing Request form. 

The Wright Brothers (Cadet Staff Sergeant) milestone exam is a closed-book leadership test, Learn to Leaders Chapters 1-3, which also includes a practical (in-person) drill test. Testing may be conducted on the same day or on separate days. 

The Mitchell (Cadet Second Lieutenant) milestone exam is a closed-book test which has two components: aerospace, Aerospace Dimensions Modules 1-7, and leadership, Learn to Lead Chapters 4-8. These may be taken on the same day or separate days. 

The Spaatz (Cadet Colonel) exam is a closed-book test which has three academic components: aerospace, leadership, and a written essay. These exams are comprehensive (covering all aerospace and leadership subject matter taught since the start of cadet training) and are administered at the Wing level, not the Squadron level. Additionally, there is a fitness testing component to the Spaatz Exam which resembles the U.S. Air Force Academy Candidate Fitness Assessment. You can arrange for setting up the Spaatz Exam by consulting with the unit commander to determine eligibility and readiness for scheduling the exam. Cadets should note that they are going to be expected to arrange their exam facility in coordination with the Ohio Wing Cadet Programs team. 


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